Sbumboma Publications is a cooperation of different projects that are undertaken by Evangelist S. Sikhakhane. These projects are missionary ministries he participates in as he has been called by our Lord Jesus Christ from his youth. By God’s grace he has been exposed to different experiences and callings that in this website they have been reconciled under one umbrella.


“To set platform where those whoever wishes to be exposed to the ministry of Evang. S. Sikhakhane might have an easy access to different channels that show his activities.”

Endtime Evangelism Soul Winning Campaign

Under this banner we have the evangelistic ministry which by commission is called the Endtime Evangelism Soul Winning Campaign which mostly operates in outreach tent meetings, where the unconverted are the main priority to invite them to the kingdom and therefore giving a chance spread the word of God to children of God who are scattered in different denominational organisations. To make them come into contact with the message of the hour.


Evangelists Network

The second project, Evangelists Network, is also gearing to try and unite the lately neglected gift of evangelism because of different reasons where in some cases evangelists have suffered neglect from churches to a point that they have ran off quietly to start their own missions as pastors because of lack of financial support. This has led to a pool of scandals because of the tendency of the self-sustenance of this gift without the cooperation of the other callings that should support it. The idea is that the hunger that the evangelists should be empowered, strengthened, motivated and released from the slaves of organisations or serving some selfish one man ambitions somewhere, is the whole reason that has inspired the establishment of the EVANGNET. Though it also prioritises on soul winning it will also equip evangelists with information of what they should do to heal the wounds where organisational structures have wounded them.


Bible Translation and Re-editing

Then there is other projects as well like re-editing of the bible, the Zulu translation being our main priority. As we all know that bibles are from the King James translations from which many bibles have been translated like NIV, Good news, as it better than other translations like the Jehovah’s witness’ bible new world translations in which some verses have been edited and omitted, of which the Zulu bible has suffered the same. Therefore the editing of the bible will help many Nguni speaking children of God specially in the Southern Hemisphere to have a bible that is translated by a native Holy Spirit filled man of God that is exposed to other bible ministries around the world. This however will not change the whole foundation of the bible but will expose the discrepancy in some verses versus other translations making it sound as original a possible.


Related Links

Other projects will be the exposition the ministry of the late Rev. William Branham from U.S.A. which has connected the Evangelist Sbusiso Sikhakhane to God’s plan of salvation and what He is doing our time which is the last days, This is the ministry that the evangelist has grown under. There is therefore a link on this website that leads to William Branham’s official website called www.Branham.org and also the website for the Ministry of Missionary Ewald Frank from Germany to which the evangelist was led to be in contact with the word for this hour, which is www.freie-volksmission.de .


With all said that is the whole mission to reach out to the dying souls as the evangelist saw in a vision as early as 2001, of people that are scattered in different religions especially those who are in denominations which are his priority, as the bible says “With their lips they say the love God but with their works they deny Him” and another one says “Didn’t we prophecy in thy name and cast out demons in thy name, and then He shall say I  never knew you depart from me ye workers of iniquity” therefore because of that urgency of dealing with someone who thinks he is right yet is wrong, needs more help than someone who is totally lost.